Once in a Lifetime

Vancouver Composer Fraser Owen Jones

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2017-2021  | 1st Album Release |  4,000 Sold!

This album is a tribute to my precious brother Austin who went to heaven in 2013 at the age of 18. The album comprises music that's both his and mine, including three of his compositions: "Daybreak", "Only Yesterday”, and “Assurance". As you listen, reflect on your own “Once in a Lifetime” moments and let those you love know how deeply you treasure the memories you’ve shared with them. 


Please click here to learn about what my brother believed. 


Sit back, relax and enjoy!  Click to listen to a few samples...

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Once in a Lifetime | album

"Once in a Lifetime" is the culmination of over half a decade of composition, performed on the grand piano and studio-recorded. 

A tasteful and relaxing choice of background music for personal enjoyment, having company over, or sharing as a gift! 

14 songs. 52 minutes. Timeless, calming background music.

$20 /Download or CD (plus shipping)

1. Once in a Lifetime

2. Waterfall

3. Pictures on the Wall

4. Rainy Night

5. Sea to Sky 

6. Just a Breath Away

7. Only Yesterday 

8. Reflections

9. Ocean of Stars

10. Never Forget

11. Reaching the Summit

12. Above the Clouds

13. Assurance

14. Austin's Rhapsody